Cassadaga Psychic Shop is located at 460 Cassadaga Rd. Cassadaga, Fl.

                                               We are open 7 days a week to serve you!

                       Monday-Friday 10:30am-5:30pm and Sunday 11:00am-5:00pm     


Phone Number: (386) 218-0910




We believe our mission is to guide and assist mankind in awakening to the joy of life. We believe we each create our own reality by the thoughts we have and that we each have the most wonderful POWER in the UNIVERSE : the power to CHOOSE. We strive to create and promote opportunities and mental/emotional environments for each individual to choose to love, not hate; to build, not destroy; to choose to help, not hurt; to choose to offer a helping hand, not a fist. In summary, we feel it to be our purpose to create awareness that each one of us can become the wise master of our own soul's development. Our purpose is to light the path... 

We offer an expansive selection of jewelry, incense, salt lamps, Native American, Tibetan, Hindu, Egyptian, spiritual items, bags, banners, prayer flags and statues.  Also meditation supplies and just about everything else you may require. Come on over and see us today!

      The Healing Grotto

You will feel the vortex of energy, as soon as you step inside! Healers have used this space to do healings by donation and love the energy that it brings. We have held seances here as well. Spiritual based classes and workshops are held here throughout the months also. Come and feel the healing energy!

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