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Come experience the etheric vibrations and Ley lines in historic Cassadaga. If you are drawn here, you were meant to visit us.

Before you make your journey to us, you can call and book your reading to ensure that we have a reader available! 

Walk-Ins are also welcome! We are here for you.
460 Cassadaga Road | Cassadaga, Florida
+1 (386) 218 - 0910

I've been a psychic Tarot reader and energyworker for thirteen years and I'm most deeply interested in what your soul's path and legacy are here on Earth. All of your burning questions about love, work, business, or the future near or far, are a part of that don't be surprised if you get a big picture glimpse of your life in your session.

I also read your energy and sense your energetic shifts throughout your reading, so you may experience an energetic re-balancing or cleanse in addition to feeling more clear about your questions or your path. My guides speak clearly to your questions and the cards are there for specifics.

Is this your first reading? That's so exciting. I'm here for you. Let's do this.


Reading Tarot professionally for over 26 years
Member of Tarot Professionals
Attended New York Tarot School
Reading Tarot is a family tradition.

I tap into Your Energy so you can gain a deeper understanding of your Present and Future if you continue your current path. I channel Spirit in a loving environment in order to answer your questions.

Tarot is a system that allows you personal insight, opens the door to Treasures of Prophecy and Spiritual Growth.

Couples readings are available.
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JESSICA ROBERTS is an intuitive Tarot, oracle, and crystal reader. By connecting to your energy, she channels messages from you spirit guide so you can bring your life into better focus and look at areas of personal and spiritual development that need to be worked on. She answers any questions you have, helps look at what obstacles are blocking you, how you can work on overcoming them, and offers clarity on why you're facing some of the situations that are coming up in your life.

She's also a crystal reader. She does crystal readings with just crystals or paired with Tarot and oracle cards. She also designs crystal grids to fit different purposes within your life.


("Just call me Joe!") has been practicing astrology for over 30 amazing years, and reading Tarot cards for over a decade. Joe specializes in classic natal charts, describing how the pieces of a birth chart fit together to create a composite personality unique to each individual. 

Joe is also a gifted intuitive Tarot reader who specializes in helping people to unlock their potential, use their gifts, and live from their highest self. Joe has been told he makes people feel seen and recognized for who they truly are, and makes your reading a truly enjoyable experience.Joe is only occasionally at the Cassadaga Psychic Shop, and usually works at our sister shop, Daytona Books & Metaphysics. You may call that store for a phone Tarot reading or a birth chart: (386) 236-9969

Psychic PHONE Readings at Cassadaga

Do you want to experience the power of a Cassadaga psychic reading but are unable to come to Cassadaga, Florida?

We are here for you!

10:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Saturday
12 PM to 5 PM Sundays

Call with any questions you might have, or to book your reading
(386) 218 - 0910



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