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Come experience the etheric vibrations and Ley lines in historic Cassadaga. If you are drawn here, you were meant to visit us.

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                          PSYCHIC INTUITIVE TAROT


       Clairsentient  Clairvoyant Clairaudient                         

                                    Medical Intuitive
Reading Tarot professionally for over 30 years

Member of Tarot Professionals
Attended New York Tarot School
Reading Tarot is a family tradition.

Iris taps into Your Energy so you can gain a deeper understanding of Your PRESENT and FUTURE if you continue your current path. Iris channels Spirit in a loving environment in order to answer your questions

Iris also offers Tarot Birth Cards and Numerology

Iris is well known for her accuracy in readings.

Iris also incorporates Gypsy Card readings. She also uses the Lenormand system for reading.

Tarot is a system that allows you personal insight, opens the door to Treasures of Prophecy and Spiritual Growth.

Couples readings are available.
Se Habla Espanol



Psychic Medium, Dream Communicator, Member of I.A.M. 

Six Years Experience

Rosalie uses her Psychic ability of Mediumship to assist you in

communicating with Loved ones on the other side. She is able to deliver these

messages with the use of her Pendulum.  She then completes the reading with 

Archangel Oracle cards.

  Rosalie is well known for her accuracy.

Couples Readings Available


Professional Tarot Reader and Medium for over 46 Years.   

He is also able to offer Palmistry, Numerology, Astrology. 

Jack is also a medical intuitive

Jack is able to answer Questions concerning Health,

Relationships, Finances and Career. Jack offers You

the opportunity to contact Your Loved Ones who have

passed on and deliver their messages to You.

Jack is well known for his accuracy in readings

Coupes Readings Available


Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Reader

Michelle incorporates Numerology, Animal Totems

Michelle also reads Twin Flame relationships

Michelle is well known for her accuracy.

Couples Reading Available



Christine Offers

Astrology readings, Natal charts, Compatibility Charts.

Your birth chart will tell you all about your potential in

Love, express emotion, career, past-present -future self.

From the moment you were born you have a Unique

Map gifted to you with your Birth Chart.

Christines Tarot readings also give accurate time predictions

with her extensive Astrology and Zodiac knowledge

She also offers Tarot readings

Couples Readings Available


We Offer Phone Readings, Facetime Readings and Skype in the event you cannot come in person....

Readers at the daytona store

PSYCHIC        ASTROLOGY       INTUITIVE TAROT READER                                           INTUITIVE HEALER


("Just call me Joe!") has been practicing astrology for over 30 amazing years, and reading Tarot cards for over a decade. Joe specializes in classic natal charts, describing how the pieces of a birth chart fit together to create a composite personality unique to each individual. 

Joe is also a gifted intuitive Tarot reader who specializes in helping people to unlock their potential, use their gifts, and live from their highest self. Joe has been told he makes people feel seen and recognized for who they truly are, and makes your reading a truly enjoyable experience. Joe is only occasionally at the Cassadaga Psychic Shop, and usually works at our sister shop, Daytona Books & Metaphysics. You may call that store for a phone Tarot reading or a birth chart: (386) 236-9969



 has been studying metaphysics for over 40 years. She's been highly intuitive all her life and has been happy and grateful that she can put it to work out in the world. She's been a professional intuitive for more than a decade. 

She's committed to compassion, knowledge, and growth, and brings clarity and common sense to the sometimes confusing areas of metaphysics and "new age" philosophy. Her allies are humor and experience. Her ability to laugh at the vagaries of life means she can give you a down-to-earth, spiritual perspective. Her life experience means she can bring and inspiration to every reading. 

When she uses cards, she uses them intuitively. They are used to elicit psychic impressions, information, and probable futures. She doesn't do technical readings, where the traditional "meanings" of the cards are used. These "meanings" vary considerably, depending on the source and authorship. You get a more insightful and meaningful experience with an intuitive reading. She doesn't use cards for fortune telling. They are one more tool she can use to help clients understand -- and gain insight about -- their lives. 

In addition to psychic impressions, she may use astrology, numerology, and/or tarot during a reading. Readings are intuitive and she can read for you and/or your companion animals.


                                       SARAH MARIE

Sarah was born with Sicilian ancestry which has given her a head start into her psychic abilities. She was raised to be spiritually awakened. For over 5 years now she has taken to reading the Tarot cards. Only using them as a focal point allows her to read intuitively using the images of the cards to guide her. A naturally born empath allows her intuition to reach you on a deep emotional level. 

Cards are not her only specialty! Since she was young she has had a strong sense of touch she has become well versed in the art of Psychometry. By touching objects from those whom have passed she can connect to your loved ones that have crossed over. Readings with Sarah are filled with gentle messages, she doesn't tend to disappoint. Her love for the Divine allows her to speak from a spiritual mindset but also with love and trust from the heart.


Intuitive Tarot Reader, Oracle and Pendulum

Twin Flame Reader

Lisa is well known for her accuracy.  Lisa will touch base with your Spirit guides and 

Channel messages for your Present and Future.  She is also well versed with Twin Flame 

Relationships.  Lisa is a seasoned traveler and a writer.

Psychic PHONE Readings at Cassadaga

Do you want to experience the power of a Cassadaga psychic reading but are unable to come to Cassadaga, Florida?

We are here for you!

10:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Saturday
12 PM to 5 PM Sundays

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